About Us

What We DO

We create unique designs that will make you question why you don’t have it in your closet already!

From streetwear to boho to sporty, we bring our designs to life by printing them on our many high-quality products available.

Our team designs dope products that are then printed using sublimation printing (also known as “all over printing”) and sewn piece-by-piece.

We want you to be satisfied, that’s why we only sell the highest quality of products which are manufactured AFTER your order is placed.

How We Are Different

While most retail companies rely on other manufacturers to design, print and ship out orders to their customers, we don’t. Most companies will purchase their products in bulk and have their orders rushed, resulting in low-quality prints and not very durable products.

We here at geartheone have our own manufacturing and therefore do not rely on other companies to produce products for you. The products are printed, packed and shipped from our manufacturer and sent directly to our customers. This allows us to give you the best quality out there!